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Once upon a time, on a planet called Earth, a discovery was made...

Humans had just invented glasses allowing to see 2D in 3D! 

It was a cleverly thought invention, based on color technology. 

But that was not enough for them. 

So they decided to launch the Speemo Research Program (SRP).

-Speemo Research Program-

It started in the 90s'. When a group of scientists came together to revolutionize the human artistic spirit.

First, they tried to design a machine capable of materializing thought. 

They failed. They spent a lot of money in the hope that their dream would come true. 

So they continued to try and they continued to fail... 

But one day that changed. 

"What if we simply built a pen that could draw in 3D?"

"That would be amazing! That's the key!"

And so they set to work. 

A pen that draws what we dream about, a pen that makes our thoughts come true. 

"If I want to draw something, I just use this pen and my dreams come true. It's incredible!"

And they did it. 

Speemo is pleased to present you the pen that will change the way you create and give you the possibility to create easily to infinity.

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